GPX History

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The beginning of GPX
Mr. Chaiyos Ruamjaipattanakul (21) founder of ATV panther, one of the first Importer and dealer of ATV bike in Thailand. He rented a small factory 150sq.m. to produce and stock ATV bike for Thailand’s market.
Chaiyos Ruamjaipattanakul
Year of Expansion

2008 is the year of expansion, we research the market and see opportunities in “Motocross” bike. And that is a big change for us, we had expanded the factory to Phra ram 3 road 800 sq.m.

“Motocross bike”
First Motocross

We launch “Panther Jumper” the first Motocross of the company. And create a standard for staff, Service center, spare parts and tools for our customer.
Support for Motocross racing 10 tracks around Thailand.

“Motocross pioneer”
Expansion and Standard making era
  •  Enter Thailand’s Motor show 2010.
  •  Support more motocross racing up to 15 tracks. Year 2
  •  Opening first GPX’s showroom on Bang na rd.
  •  Expand to 2nd Factory on Suksawat 76 (4,800sq.) for respond to customer.
Enter the new product to respond High-end user target
  • “Bomber”, New High-end ATV bike to reach more customer.
  •  Enter bike to Big C super store, 8 brunch at first 30 later.
  •  Enter Thailand’s Motor show 2011
  •  Opening First GPX Racing’s showroom near Don muang airport
  •  launch more service center to 80 places around Thailand.
  •  Support more motocross racing up to 30 tracks.
Move forward to create a standard for our product
  • 100 million baht increase in investment and expand to the 3rd factory on 16,000 sq.m. at Prachautid
  •  Receive TIS (Thai industrial standard)
  •  launch new Model for GPX “Thunder X 125”
  •  Opening new GPX showroom on Phra Ram 2 rd.
  •  Support more motocross racing up to 30 tracks. 4 Year
  •  Enter Thailand’s Motor Expo 2012
Release new warlord in motorcycle market
  • Launch new model “GPX DP125” (Enduro motorcycle)
  •  launch Minor change in motocross model “XJR-L code E-start”
  •  Support more motocross racing up to 30 tracks.
  •  open more branch in super center up to 60 branches.
Breakthrough the market with the difference
  • Launch new GPX Racing model “Country” in Retro Classic Style.
  •  Launch Minor change model DP125 “E-Start”.
  •  Support more motocross racing up to 20 tracks. 6 Year
  •  Open more service center up to 90 places in Thailand.
  •  Enter Thailand’s Motor Expo 2014 and launching New GPX bike “Demon 125” and “CR5”.
Skyrocket to Thailand’s motorcycle market
  • Enter Thailand’s Motor sale 2015
  •  Enter Thailand’s Motor Expo 2015 and ranked 2nd in pre-booking.
  •  Launch Minor change model in Demon model
  •  Launch Minor change model “CR5 200cc”
  •  Launch Minor new model “Legend 200” in Motor Expo 2015
Golden year! With more and more model, Ranked No. 1 booking in Motor Expo 2016
  • Enter Thailand’s Motor show 2016 with concept Demon Scrambler.
  •  Enter Thailand’s Motor sale 2016
  •  Launch “Make it Different” Event to introduce a new 4 models.
  •  Launch Limited Edition motorcycle “DEMON LIMITED” for 1,000 units only.
  •  Lanuch Minor Change model "CR5 EFI"
  •  Launch new model “Demon 150GN”
  •  Launch new model “Legend Gentleman”
  •  Enter Thailand’s Motor expo 2016 and ranked No.1 in pre-booking (1,109 units).
Take the next step, ranked No.1 booking in motor expo 2 years in a row.
  • Enter Thailand’s Motor show 2017 with Demon X 125.
  •  Change company’s name from ‘ATV panther Co., LTD.’ to ‘GP Motor (Thailand) Co., LTD.’ and rebranding from ‘GPX Racing’ to ‘GPX’
  •  Enter BIG Motor sale 2017
  •  Launch Legend 150s
  •  Launch Demon 150 GR in Motor Expo 2017
  •  Enter Thailand’s Motor expo 2017 and ranked No.1 in pre-booking (1,115 units).
Move to the new factory ‘Gateway industrial estate’
  • Increase the investment fund to 450 million baht and move to the new factory at Gateway industrial estate (35,000 sqm). to respond the increasing demand from around the world.
  •  Enter Thailand’s Motor show 2018, Launch Razer 220
  •  launch Minor change of Legend 150s (2018)
  •  launch Minor change of Legend 200 (2018)
  •  launch Minor change of Demon 150 GN
  •  launch Minor change of Legend Gentleman 200 (Black immortal)
  •  launch Minor change of Legend gentleman racer 200
  •  launch Minor change of Demon 150 GR (2018)
  •  Enter Thailand’s Motor expo 2018 and launch new model MAD 300

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