Know before buy!! 10 cool functions of GPX Drone


GPX DRONE, the first automatic motorcycle from GPX, is the result of the collaboration of GPX and SYM in research and development. GPX is responsible for the design part and SYM is taking care of the engine and performance. It’s quite big news that both two brands will make a motorcycle together by using their advantage. And here’re 10 outstanding functions that you must’ve to know before you’ll buy this bike.


1. Feel strong with 150cc Engine, a technology from SYM , along with liquid-cooler.
GPX Drone comes with 4 strokes 150 cc engine and Liquid cool. Technology from SYM, an international brand that has a long experience in the Scooter segment.Make this bike feel stronger and make it working in the best performance.


2. Full LED Lighting system with Hazard light.
Notable with full LED lighting system in both head and tail light. at the front we designed daytime running light in upside down Y-Shape along with high and low beam separator, make it total 10 light bulb in the front. Shine bright in both day and nighttime.


3. Smart key together with the burglar alarm system.
Enter modern life with a smart key system in Keyless and Keyless special model. Comes with turning on-off system for both engine and alarm for more security. More options with a secret key, hides inside the remote control, in case the remote control is run out of battery.

4. Feel lively with a full digital LCD meter.
Full digital LED meter meter in sport style. Comes with many functions like tachometer, time, trip, or odor. In colorful screen make it easier to see even in bad weather.

5. Wide and softy seat…. In sport style.
Comfortable in every trip with a wide seat that was designed in sport style. Make it feel soft in both rider and passenger.

6. Large storage box for various purposes.
Multi-utility with a U box under the seat that can store one unit of a full helmet.

7. More confident with front and rear disc brake (CBS system at the rear wheel)
Feel more confident with a Combined braking system (CBS) that will help you separated the brake power to both wheels. Working together with front and rear disc brake, Making your brake more efficient.


8. Smooth in every road with a double rear spring shock absorber.
Feel smooth in every road with a double rear spring shock


9. More convenient with USB charging socket.
Forget the battery problem with the USB charging socket (2Ah.). Easy to ride easy to charge.


10. GPX Drone comes with a different color.
GPX Drone have 3 different type for you to choose
GPX Drone standard has 2 colors

GPX Drone keyless has 3 colors

GPX Drone keyless special has only 1 color

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