“GPX IDEA CHALLENGE” Motorcycle decoration contest by photo editing program to win the prize more than 100,000 baht

“GPX IDEA CHALLENGE” Motorcycle decoration contest by photo editing program to win the prize more than 100,000 baht

1. 1st Prize Winner : : GPX DRONE KEYLESS S worth 69,800 baht / Cash prize worth 8,000 baht with a certificated 1 prize awarded
2.1st Runner-up Award : Cash prize worth 5,000 baht with a certificated 2 prizes awarded
3.1st Public Favorite Award : Cash prize worth 4,000 baht 1 prize awarded
4.2nd Public Favorite Award : Cash prize worth 3,000 baht 1 prize awarded
5.3rd Public Favorite Award : Cash prize worth 2,000 baht 1 prize awarded
6.Honorable Mention Award : Cash prize worth 1,500 baht with a certificated 7 prizes awarded

Duration and award announcement schedule
Submit ideas to participate in the contest from February 23 – March 23 ,2021 at 00.00 o’clock
Award will be only announcement on Facebook Fan page “GPX Thailand”
• • Announcement of the qualifying round for 10 final results on March 31 at 10.00and open for fans to vote the picture that you like the most (Voting begins on March 31 – April 19 at 10.00 o’clock)
• Final result announcement (April 22 ,2021 at 15.00 o’clock)
• Give the prize to the winner of the contest at GPX Showroom (April 29 ,2021)

Topics of image editing
“Sport Style”

Contest rules
1.Participants must be decorating GPX Drone image under the concept of “Sport Style”
2.Participants are required to design and decorate the entire GPX DRONE motorcycle with 3 angles: pipe-side, 45-degree, and 3-upright angles, in accordance with the participant's design concept.
3.Image used to decorate the contest must use the specified image only.
4.Participants are required to decorate the motorcycle image through the image editing program only and export it as a .jpg file.
5.Participants in the GPX DRONE motorcycle decorative design can edit / edit images. With various parts on the car that can be retouched / edited images Are as follows (color, body graphics, headlamp-rear color, front shield color, front shield pattern, wheel color, wheel pattern, shock, pipe, footrest, Rear view mirror, handlebar, brake pump, disc brake, cushion and fall protection) *** With the original GPX DRONE, do not changed to other models.
6.Participants must not wear any other brand logos in the image except logo GPX, logo GPX collaboration SYM and DRONE motorcycle logo only.
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Process for submitting works to enter the contest
1.Post all 3 GPX DRONE motorcycle pictures (pipe-side, 45-degree and straight-face angles) have been posted decorated by the contestants. Post on the entrant's private Facebook page and open it as a public post (The Facebook account used to participate in the event must be the participant's real user account) with a describing the concept. No more than 3 lines, with the hashtag #GPX #GPXIDEACHALLENGE #GPXThailand #GPXDRONE
2.Select 1 photo of GPX DRONE motorcycle (45-degree angle only) that has been finished by the contestants. At the bottom of the event post on the Facebook Fan page "GPX Thailand" with a caption on the design concept in short, no more than 3 lines, with the hashtag #GPX #GPXIDEACHALLENGE #GPXThailand #GPXDRONE

Contest procedure
1.Qualifying competition the committee selects 10 works and announces the results via “GPX Thailand” Facebook Page on March 31, 2021 at 10.00 and give fans the opportunity to vote by liking their favorite work. The committee will count the votes from the number of likes of the picture, with 1 Like counted as 1 point from 31 March - 19 April 2021 at 10:00
2. Final round 10 works, who have passed the qualifying must send the original GPX DRONE motorcycle image designed, size 3,500 px. to E mail: gpxthailand@gmail.com. The committee will consider and judge the winning works Final results announcement on April 22, 2021 time 15:00

Judging criteria
The GPX Idea Challenge Awards are judged by experts committee from top GPX designers with over 30 years of experience in motorcycle design.
1.Designed according to the competition "Sport Style" and complies with the rules and conditions of the competition.
2.Be creative (Outstanding, Have a new idea and Unique)
3.Design beauty (Appropriate decoration details and colors)
4.The perfect fit of the design (The image of the accessories is consistent with the decoration concept. Not conflict with each other And must see to know what model it is)

Rules and conditions of the contest
1.The designed and submitted GPX DRONE motorcycle image must be re-imagined. It has never been published in any magazine, book, picture, website, or other material for distribution or advertising, and must be an image that has not previously won any awards.
2.All designed and submitted GPX DRONE motorcycle images must not infringe the copyrights or other rights of any other person. The sender of the designed GPX DRONE motorcycle image is solely responsible for any damages incurred by the company. Is not responsible for damages from copyright infringement. Or the right to any image that arises at all
3.Participants agree that all images of GPX DRONE motorcycles designed and submitted to participate in the contest, including the original files, are owned by the Company. Including consent, copyright and any rights in such images belong to the company solely.
4.The company has the right to select images of GPX DRONE motorcycles that have been designed and submitted to be exhibited in various places including reproduction, modification or public distribution. Without having to pay any compensation.
5.Awards received cannot be exchanged for cash or other prizes.
6.Employees of GP Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and its affiliates, operating committees, and family members are not eligible to participate in this activity.
7.We reserve the right to consider awards for participants who live in Thailand only.
8.The company reserves the right to change terms and conditions without prior notice.
9.The judges' decisions are final.

Award conditions
1. The winner is responsible for paying 5% withholding tax on the value of the award received. And all transfer fees Including registration fees
2.Those who have received the award must contact to receive the award within 3 days (from the announcement date) via the Inbox fan page "GPX Thailand".
3.Award winners must prepare a copy of their ID card. (With a certified true copy) as evidence of receiving the award All expenses, travel expenses, expenses incurred from receiving the prize will be the winner's responsibility.
4.Award winners are not transferable to receive prizes to other persons.
5.The award winner must come to receive the award at the GPX center only.
6.The judges' decision is final in all cases.